Thursday, July 26, 2012

Decorating the Classroom - Day 2

Holy Cow! Those are some big desks in my classroom.  They sure take up a lot of space! Not sure what to do with the table on the floor, hoping I can get rid of it?  I think I finally have the room arranged the way I want it.  Still need to get shelving for storage.  I need to get the many boxes out of my garage.

So here is my tip for today.

Tip #3: Arranging the room. Think about what spaces you will need.  For example: Guided Reading area, Whole Group meeting area, Calendar, Library Area for your leveled readers, Centers.  (I do Daily 5 so I do not need areas in my room for centers. I just need a shelf for the word work and writing activities.  The kids pick any spot in the room to work. Love that!) Don't forget to sit in your guided reading chair to see if you have a clear view of all the students while you are working in small group. :)

Today I tackled part of the big, white wall.  I put my CAFE  bulletin board behind my guided reading table so the students will be able to see the list of strategies we will be using during small group.

I also had my helpers with me today. We had to get all the computers up and running so I could get some work done! All favorites have been added.  (Notice the three boys at the computers. They love going to our new school!)

I am really loving this Dots on Turqouise theme!  So Cute!  I finished my Helper Chart and will be making some letters for my word wall. (or maybe find some on Pinterest)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Decorating the Classroom - Day 1

Wow! It is already time to start decorating my classroom! I finally got to see what my new room looks like. Let's get started! 

This is what I see when I walk through the door. A big, white wall. UGGG! It won't be white for long!

To the right are the student computers.

On the left is a big, long, bulletin board.

Well, first thing first.  I have to pick a color scheme. 

Tip #1: Pick a pattern or theme and stick to it!  Use 2 or 3 colors from the pattern or theme to keep the room looking put together.  It also makes your room look more organized!

So, this is the color scheme that I chose this year, Dots on Turqoise.  It is from Creative Teaching Press
 I love the colors!

Next step is to find out what is required to be posted on the walls and what I want to put on the walls.

Tip #2: Make a list of what you need and want to post on the wall. Then you can decide how much wall space is needed for each and decide where the best place would be.

My list so far:

1. Word Wall (required)
2. Target the Question (required)
3. Class Helpers
4. Class Rules
5. Calendar
6. Daily 5 choices
7. Daily 5 Cafe Menu
8. Daily 5 Anchor Charts
9.  ?? still thinking

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