Monday, August 12, 2013

First Day of School Tips!

After 12 years of teaching, These are the three most important tips I can give you for the First Day of School! I know, I know, where is teach procedures?  Of course you will teach procedures, but chances are if you try to put too much information into one day, the kids will be on information overload and forget half of what you taught them.  Just teach the procedures as you go, naturally.

Number 1 - How do your students get home???

So many times, students will go home one way on the first day of school and then they will go home another way on the 2nd day.  So confusing, right???  So on the first day of school, when parents bring their child to my class, I have a clipboard with a signature sheet for the parents to sign with their child's transportation for that day. (They give you this information at meet the teacher night, but sometimes it changes or they give you wrong information) It never hurts to double check. This saves me a lot of phone calls during my planning time.  If you get them home the right way, your day was a success!

Number 2 - Play dough

I always have play dough on the desks for the students to play with when they walk through the door that first day.  It helps make for an easier transition for the students that do not want to come to school.  It also keeps them busy while you are talking to parents and collecting school supplies.

Number 3 - Have Fun!

Make sure you have some fun with your students!  You want their first day to be fun so that they will want to come back tomorrow.  I want my students to love coming to school to learn new things.  Keep them coming back for more!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Monday Made It - Last One Before School Starts

Here is my first week of "Monday Made It"  I am so excited that I have a couple of things to share!! I'm glad I didn't miss it!

Project #1

I just made my birthday silly straw toppers!  You can get them from my TPT store for FREE!  It's easy, just print, cut and tape to the front of a silly straw!  See my previous post (here) for a picture of what they look like all put together.

Project #2

I am also super excited about making "Mr. Check In" book buddies.  Love this idea from Lyndsey Kuster, (A Year of Many First.) Got these from her Daily 5 freebie!  Just print on colored cardstock and ready to go!! I can't wait for my firsties to use them!
That's all I have for now! So much more to do!  


Friday, August 9, 2013

Five for Friday {Linky Party}

I've already started working in my classroom!  Getting ready for the 1st day of School!  Teachers go back to work on the 19th! Where did the summer go???
I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for the first time!  Here is my bit of randomness with "Five for Friday!"


 1. Word Wall 

I created my word wall yesterday.  I thought that this year I will try something new.  I will have the letters just go across the whole bulletin board.  I am thinking it will be easier for the students to locate the words they are looking for.  (Of course, I asked my own children what they thought and they said they liked it better than the 3 rows I usually make.) Hope this works!


2. Pencils

Love my pencil cans.  I got the cans from the Target dollar spot and painted the words and dots with black acrylic paint.  This will work GREAT!  Love how it looks with the Dots on Turquoise border.


3. New Playroom 

     We just added on to our house and it is finally finished!!!  I just love this canvas I found at Marshalls for the kids new playroom!  Just hope they follow the rules! :)


4.  Love These Boys!

Loved all the fun we had while my nephew was visiting from Colorado!  He left on Monday with a scary flight home.  The plane broke and he had to wait 3 hours in the plane on the tarmac before going home.  Thankful he is home safe.  Miss you lots, Brandon!


5.  Making Lesson Plans

I added pages to my What is a Scientist? packet.  It now includes:
*3 days of lesson ideas
*What is a Scientist?
*What is Science? 
*My Science Journal page
Click on the picture below and get this FREE download from my TPT store.

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