Thursday, April 4, 2013

Reading Restaurant

Ackley's Texas Star Cafe
Here's a look at my classroom decorated for Reading Restaurant. 

red table cloths- dollar store
sunflowers- hobby lobby
foam stars hanging from the ceiling - hobby lobby
tin cans - target dollar spot
brown cardstock for the menu - Michaels
red and white checker border paper for poem - hobby lobby (sorry no picture)
To prepare for Reading Restaurant, students made a placemat from brown construction paper and red white and blue precut construction paper for a  Texas Flag. Next to the Texas Flag is the Texas Pledge. Students decorated the edges by drawing bob wire around the edge.
Next, they made a bluebonnet card. On the outside, they used blue fingerprints to make bluebonnets and on the inside they wrote a thank you note to their parents for coming.
The poem, When Tillie Ate the Chili, was printed on the red and white checker bordered paper.
Students also wrote their own Gingerbread Cowboy Tall Tale story. 
I made copies of Reading A-Z cowboy books on each students reading level.
Last, students created a Texas Facts Book.
All these things were on the table for them to read and share with their parents. It was a huge success!

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